Diamondown™ has positive impacts on the circulation in your feet.


Diabetic Socks - DiamondownWhether you have circulation disorders, diabetic neuropathy, PAD, RA, Raynaud’s Disease or simply older with poor circulation in your feet; Diamondown™ products may be perfect for you.*  Lightweight Diamondown™ fabrics block both radiant and convective heat loss.  Blockage of the radiant heat loss is thought to prevent capillary constriction, yielding full blood flow to the extremities and reducing lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

Diamondown™ diabetic construction socks, underwear and blankets significantly improve comfort and warmth, especially when sleeping.  The Diamondown™ socks with Comfort Management System also keep the feet warm and dry.

Diamondown™ Socks Benefits


Keeping your feet dry isn’t just about comfort. Moisture creates a welcoming environment for bacteria and fungi which can lead to other podiatry issues.


Diamondown™ socks cradle your feet and provide padding where you need it most.


Restrictive sock bindings have a negative impact on circulation to your feet. Diamondown™ socks balance the weave so the socks stay up without restricting blood flow.

Try Diamondown™ socks today and you’ll never wear any other brand of socks again.

Diamondown™ Blankets Will Help You Get a Great Night’s Sleep

Use a Diamondown™ blanket next to your skin as an under-blanket. Not only will you need fewer blanket layers to keep your feet warm, but you will also notice an immediate improvement in sleep comfort. With Diamondown™ blocking radiant and convective heat loss, your body won’t have to work as hard to keep your extremities at temperature. Read about our patented technology here.

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