Diamondown™ is High-Tech Thermal Gear for Your Comfort

Diamondown Comfort


Diamondown™ products are made with your outdoor activities in mind, and your comfort either outside or inside. Each piece, from a base layer to balaclavas, glove liners and socks to throws and blankets, is made from the new biregional fiber, which offers the following features. Learn about our patented technology here.


“You have to wear this stuff to believe it. Compared to other long underwear we have had, this is so unbelievably comfortable and warm.”



Diamondown™ is the most effective single layer clothing to maintain your body heat. If you feel too warm, it will cool you off. It is completely different from ALL other thermal management gear and has twice the insulation of other leading materials. Tested and proven in extreme conditions, Diamondown™ goes into overdrive when you need it, especially at subzero temperatures. Read more about the technology here.



Ventilation is built into the Diamondown™ design for all the products. Diamondown’s unique Comfort Management System keeps you warm by blocking radiant and convective heat transfer. It moves perspiration from the skin with microevaporative cooling to cool you off if you get too warm. You’ll never feel overheated when you enter a building from cold weather outside, or simply move from cold to warmer surroundings.



Thin and lightweight, super soft, at only 8 ounces per square yard, the double knit jersey relaxed fit provides maximum comfort in addition to unbeatable temperature control.



With the thin and lightweight fabric, you’ll find the temperature control you’re looking for without those extra layers.  You’ll only need 2 instead of the 4 – 6 layers of other products.



All Diamondown™ apparel can be washed in your home laundry for easy maintenance. Garments will not shrink and have a long life.

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