Diamondown Glove Liner

“The gloves were perfect for the Iditarod!!!!!  I was able to keep almost 100% dexterity while maintaining warmth.  They experienced 50 below zero, white out conditions, high winds, and 10 days of abuse on the Iditarod trail and still look new.  No holes!  The best glove liners I have ever used!”

– Ed Stielstra –

Nature’s Kennel Iditarod Racing Team – 2012

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Keith Warren Diamondown

“Whether I’m sitting in a tree stand in Canada, or up in the Yukon hunting for big bull moose, if I’m chasing caribou up on the tundra, I never have to worry about getting cold again because I wear Diamondown.”

– Keith Warren –

Executive Producer – The High Road Group

Keith Warren Clothing Diamondown

 “I layered up because I didn’t think it would keep me warm.  Big mistake.  I was shedding clothes fast and eventually was wearing nothing but the Diamondown™ and my boots and was just fine – other than carrying a duffle bag with a bunch of clothes on my back!”

– Keith Warren –

Using Diamondown™ for the first time in 2013, at the arctic circle, when the weather turned really cold and nasty

Carbon Fiber Clothing - Diamondown

“Over the past week these socks have handled 80 degree weather on a motorcycle in Houston, TX, two days of plane and car travel through 32 degree weather, one 60 degree outdoor wedding, packing up my wife and driving the two days back down to the 80 degree weather in Houston only to end the trip unloading in high humidity up three flights of outdoor steps… This new blend is amazingly versatile and comfortable under every situation I have encountered!”

– Dane Lakin –

Waypoint 2 Space

November 1, 2013

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“SIMPLY SUPERIOR.  I had the chance to test drive these garments over in the steppes of Western Asia in March under extremely cold and windy conditions. I used just the long johns lower garment and the glove liners along with my regular pants, a regular long sleeve shirt, a down jacket and a simple hat.  I actually had to remove my regular gloves and keep my down jacket open as I was so warm and toasty with just those two garments.  I’ve never worn anything like it before.  They are so warm you would think these things had a power source!”

– JS –

Houston – July 2, 2o13

“I met you at the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Extravaganza in San Antonio.  I am delighted with your high tech product.  I bought a complete set of your Diamondown™ gear before my Ibex hunting trip to the Kyrgyz Republic.  It was a pleasure to wear; light-weight but effective cold weather clothing.  It isn’t bulky and didn’t hinder my movement as I climbed to 9,500’ with a temperature of 30° with lots of gusting winds. This gear kept me comfortable despite the below freezing temperatures.  Never once did I feel the cold, despite the wind chill.

After I bought my gear from you and after I had tried it out in the Kyrgyz Republic, we put information with a hyperlink in our website www.HighMountainHunts.com,  encouraging all our hunters to gear up with Diamondown™.  After my glowing report, my associate, LS, has bought your gear and is enjoying it.”

– JPL –

San Antonio, TX – September 8, 2013

Thank you for the opportunity to test this product out for myself!  My Dad brought me a pair of glove liners which worked great, but this was the first time I have worn the long johns, socks, and the balaclava.  I wore my “normal” long johns the first day and a knit cap; my body was cold unless I was walking through the field, and my ears and face were frozen.  The wind seemed to cut through everything. The next hunt I wore the Diamondown™ long johns, socks, and balaclava, and brought my heavy jacket just in case.  No need!  Diamondown™ kept me comfortable despite the below freezing temperatures.  I would recommend this to anyone who spends time out in the cold; hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, working, the list goes on.  If you plan to be out in the cold you should be wearing Diamondown™!

– JK –


I just wanted to tell you I had the chance to use a pair of Diamondown™ socks and glove liners this past weekend while I was pheasant hunting in South Dakota. It was cold, snowy and pretty darn windy, one day I think the wind chill was well below zero…. but my hands and feet never got cold.  In fact, I took my gloves off and just wore the liners and my hands were as comfortable as could be. You have a great product and I am looking forward to staying warm in the future with my Diamondown™ gear.  Thanks and best wishes for continued success with Diamondown™“.

– LI –


“When it comes to the cold, having the right gear can make all the difference in the world.  What we liked best about the tops and bottoms is that they weren’t bulky and didn’t hinder movement or make us look like we packed on layers of fat for the winter.  The gear did a good job of keeping us warm when the wind chill of riding set in and we never felt like we were overheating”.

– Baggers Tested –

Editorial Excerpt – November 2013 Issue of Baggers Magazine

“Diamondown™ has become an indispensable part of our winter gear when venturing outdoors in Colorado during the winter.   

We are avid skiers and it can get really cold at 12,000 feet, especially when sitting in an open chair lift.  It is, quite frankly, our undergarment of choice not only when we ski, but anytime we are going to be spending any significant time outdoors during the winter, be it taking our Siberian Huskies for a romp, shoveling snow, or just going out for a walk.   

You have to wear this stuff to believe it.  Compared to other long underwear we have had, this stuff is so unbelievably comfortable and warm.  It is super lightweight, breathable and thin. You don’t even know you have it on, but then you suddenly realize how warm and comfortable you are without the sweat and itchiness of other products.   

Between the 4 of us we probably have 20 sets of Diamondown™.  The best way to describe it is high tech winter underwear.  It’s like making the temperature outside 20 degrees warmer.  Once you try it, you won’t want to be without it”.

– MM Family –

Arvada, CO

“Tell em The Hog Zone sent ya. Good stuff and no I don’t work for these guys…Love your product.”

– RB –

Houston, TX

“Review on a new type of long underwear. It works”.

DeepFriedKing –


“On cold days, I still find Diamondown™ to be superior to other fiber types employed for cold weather thermal wear.” 

– Professor David M. Hall –

“I do want to tell you that the socks are simply wonderful. I put them on last night and they are still on my feet! Nice, comfortable and my feet are warm. The blanket worked well too. Honestly I didn’t think that the blanket was all that effective until I got up during the night and didn’t put it back over me when I got back in bed. That is when it was apparent that it was doing its job! Needless to say, I am very impressed with the products.   It is all about comfort. I’ve been wearing the socks all day long today while working outside and am very surprised how my feet are not hot. They feel great even though it’s hot and muggy today”.

– KW –

New Braunfels, TX

“I was afforded the privilege of testing your glove liners under very, very cold conditions in South Dakota recently, and could not believe how warm my hands felt.  I had to resort to wearing a heated vest given the frigid conditions and can tell you my upper body temperature would swing from feeling very warm at times to feeling the chilly wind coursing through me throughout the day.  My hands were constantly warm throughout the hunt.  No bulk and constant warmth – I’m sold.  Can’t wait to try your other products”.

– JD –


“I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to try out the Diamondown gear. I used it on a snowboarding trip to Colorado. It worked great I had the thermal top, bottoms and gloves. I did not have to layer up or anything. I literally had the thermal on and just a jacket. It retained my body heat very well and was very comfortable. The temperature was around 14-32 degrees while we were up there. The product worked great and I would definitely recommend this anyone going into cold weather”.

– BN –


The thermal wear was an outstanding success on my trip to Iceland.  When we arrived in Reykjavik on Sunday morning, the wind was blowing, there was sleet and the temperature was hovering around freezing.  I was wearing a pair of slacks, a long-sleeve shirt and a light down jacket.  Obviously, that was totally underdressed as far as protective wear is concerned and the cold bit right through my ‘Houston clothing’.  Once we arrived at our hotel, I donned the full outfit without the headgear and we went on tour.  Just stepping out into the weather the second time, wearing a pair of jeans, flannel long-sleeved shirt and the complete thermal wear, I braced myself for the cold, but it was not to be.  The thermal wear provided the protection you warranted.  I was quite comfortable.  The light down jacket I wore was a very thin jacket that you could almost see through was nothing like the heavy ski jackets that we took on the trip.  The heavy ski jackets and ski pants never got unpacked once we saw how effective the Diamondown was.  While the temperature never fell below freezing, the wind chill and drizzle, certainly brought the temperatures close or below freezing.  We visited glaciers, frozen bays, iceberg bays, and the Atlantic seaside with glacier ice floating in it along with frozen waterfalls and hot springs.  We kept the Diamondown on for the entire one-week trip.  I rarely used the gloves, except in some short times because they were so effective, that my hands got too hot and certainly one the gloves were used as an inner liner for my ski gloves, I could only use them for a few minutes before the ski gloves had to come off.  My wife, who does not like to wear socks, wore the Diamondown socks for the duration of the one week trip and was quite pleased as she admitted, “Well, for socks, they are pretty good.” And that is really high complement as to how effective the thermal wear was.  As with most women, her feet are always cold, but not so on this trip.  She is a believer”.

– SS –


Houston, TX

“Then I started to wear my new Diamondown™ under the camouflage set and this pattern of behavior totally changed as the deer did not seem to see me and would continue walking the trail and get close by me. 
I finally realized that the unique fibers in the garment made a difference to my presence near the deer.  Not only that, I found that I did not need the layers of clothing that I used to wear against the chill factor of an early morning Alabama frost”.

– Professor David M. Hall –