Safari Socks Thermal Performance Gear - Diamondown
Safari Socks Thermal Performance Gear - DiamondownSafari Socks Thermal Gear - Diamondown

Diamondown™ is completely different from ALL other comfort management gear. It will keep you COMFORTABLE and DRY in warm weather, and keep you WARM in cold weather. All our socks are engineered for performance with input from a foot specialist professional.

SAFARI SOCKS Comfort Management Gear have extra padding up the back of the ankle and along the bottom of the foot.   Safari socks are designed especially for walking and hiking, great for long distances.

Thin and light weight insulated socks with amazing moisture wicking capability from the revolutionary patented fiber blend.


  • Similar to a Crew Sock but with extra padding in the bottom of the foot extending up to just above the anklebone, and with arch support
  • Designed for walking long distances, hiking, helpful if you are standing on your feet all day
  • For all year round wear
  • Soft and comfortable, light weight
  • Fast drying, moisture wicking – they do not retain water
  • Machine wash and dry – will not shrink and long lasting
  • Color – Black
  • Proven in extreme conditions
  • Patented revolutionary fiber
  • Made in the USA


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Safari Socks Thermal Performance Gear Provide Microevaporative Cooling (cool, comfort) and the unique Radiant Barrier (warmth) – maintains twice the natural body heat compared to any other fiber keeping you warm and comfortable outdoors. As Thermal Performance Gear it is great for cold climate wear, maintaining 91% of body heat and 40% of radiant body heat.

Actual Customer Comments

I just wanted to tell you I had the chance to use a pair of Diamondown™ socks and glove liners this past weekend while I was pheasant hunting in South Dakota. It was cold, snowy and pretty darn windy, one day I think the wind chill was well below zero…. but my hands and feet never got cold.  In fact, I took my gloves off and just wore the liners and my hands were as comfortable as could be. You have a great product and I am looking forward to staying warm in the future with my Diamondown™ gear.  Thanks and best wishes for continued success with Diamondown™“.   



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