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Glove Liners Thermal Performance Gear - DiamondownGlove Liners Thermal Hunting Gear - DiamondownGlove Liners Thermal Gear - Diamondown
Glove Liners for all year round use. Lightweight revolutionary fiber blend wicks away moisture while still allowing your hand to breath. Can be worn alone or fit comfortably as a liner while still holding its form. Soft and comfortable for use in warmer months.
In cooler weather, the Glove Liners’ unique fiber keeps your fingers warm by blocking heat loss. Diamondown glove liners retain 91% of body heat and 40% of your radiant heat, while enhancing circulation in your fingers in any environment.

Diamondown™ maintains twice the natural body heat compared to any other fiber keeping you warm and comfortable outdoors. Read more about our clothing’s patented technology here. Diamondown is made in America.


  • Proven in extreme conditions
  • Weight – 8 oz per square yard
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine was and dry – will not shrink and long lasting
  • Color – medium gray
  • Sizes – S, M, L,  XL  (See Sizing Chart)
  • Can be worn alone or as a glove liner
  • Made in the USA

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High tech Performance Thermal Glove Liners for all outdoor activities. Our unique Comfort Management System keeps you warm with excellent thermal protection. These are actual customers comments:

“I was afforded the privilege of testing your glove liners under very, very cold conditions in South Dakota recently, and could not believe how warm my hands felt. I had to resort to wearing a heated vest given the frigid conditions and can tell you my upper body temperature would swing from feeling very warm at times to feeling the chilly wind coursing through me throughout the day. My hands were constantly warm throughout the hunt. No bulk and constant warmth – I’m sold. Can’t wait to try your other products”. 

“The gloves were perfect for the Iditarod!!!!! I was able to keep almost 100% dexterity while maintaining warmth. They experienced 50 below zero, white out conditions, high winds, and 10 days of abuse on the Iditarod trail and still look new. No holes! The best glove liners I have ever used!” ED STIELSTRA, Nature’s Kennel Iditarod Racing Team – 2012

Diamondown™ Glove Liners were originally designed for the Hunter, to be worn under a pair of leather gloves while walking to the deer stand or duck blind and then as tight-fitting shooting gloves until the trophy comes in sight.

These Glove Liners also work well for skiers, outdoorsmen, runners and motorbike riders and for people with circulation problems.

We provide a Measurement Guide to help in the selection of the appropriate size. If for any reason the gloves do not fit correctly, we will be happy to swap them out at no charge to the customer, including free shipping. As always with all Diamondown™ items, if you are not happy with our product for any reason, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.


L-Wide, Large, Medium, Small, XL, XL-Wide

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