Mens Thermal Base Layer - Diamondown
Mens Thermal Base Layer - DiamondownThermal Base Layer Underwear Top for Hunting - DiamondownThermal Base Layer Underwear Top - DiamondownThermal Base Underwear Top for Men - Diamondown

Thermal Top for men maintains 91% of body heat and 40% of radiant body heat. Thin and light weight insulated long sleeve top with moisture wicking capaility. Patented revolutionary fiber blend fabric, traps your natural body heat to keep you warm and comfortable.

Diamondown™ cold climate clothing maintains twice the natural body heat compared to any other fiber keeping you warm and comfortable outdoors. Read more about how our clothing’s patented technology works here. Diamondown is made in America.


  • Proven in extreme conditions
  • Weight – 8 oz per square yard
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine wash and dry – will not shrink and long lasting
  • Color – medium gray
  • Sizes – S, M, L, XL, 2XL. View Sizing Chart
  • PLEASE NOTE TALL SIZES ARE SPECIAL ORDERS but we do our best to keep some in stock
  • Made in the USA

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Mens Thermal Base Layer Long underwear Shirt made of High Tech Performance Diamondown. Keep warm when Hunting – Regulates Temperature Indoors and Outdoors. This is an actual customer comment: 

“I met you at the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Extravaganza in San Antonio.  I am delighted with your high tech product. I bought a complete set of your Diamondown™ gear before my Ibex hunting trip to the Kyrgyz Republic.  It was a pleasure to wear; light-weight but effective cold weather clothing. It isn’t bulky and didn’t hinder my movement as I climbed to 9,500’ with a temperature of 30°. This gear kept me comfortable despite the below freezing temperatures.  Never once did I feel the cold, despite the wind chill.

After I bought my gear from you and after I had tried it out in the Kyrgyz Republic, we put information with a hyperlink in our website,  encouraging all our hunters to gear up with Diamondown™.  After my glowing report, my associate, LS, has bought your gear and is enjoying it.”   JPL    SEPTEMBER 8, 2013   SAN ANTONIO, TX


2 XL, Large, Medium, Small, XL

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