Diabetic Socks Thermal Performance Gear - Diamondown
Diabetic Socks Thermal Performance Gear - DiamondownDiabetic Sock Thermal Performance Gear - Diamondown

Diamondown™ is completely different from ALL other comfort management gear. It will keep you COMFORTABLE and DRY in warm weather, and keep you WARM in cold weather. All our socks are engineered for performance with input from a foot specialist professional.

DIABETIC SOCKS Comfort Management Gear are designed to take pressure away from areas where some people suffer from swelling, and provided comfort for everyday use. Thin and light weight socks with amazing moisture wicking capability from the patented revolutionary fiber blend.

Diamondown™ is made in America.  Read more about our clothing’s patented technology here.


  • No pressure in the areas where people might suffer from swelling
  • Sort and comfortable, light weight
  • Created in consultation with a foot specialist
  • For all year round wear
  • Fast drying, moisture wicking – they do not retain water
  • Machine wash and dry – will not shrink and long lasting
  • Color -black
  • Patented revolutionary fiber
  • Proven in extreme conditions
  • Made in the USA


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Diamondown™ Diabetic Socks are made with new high tech fabric for all activities. Our thermal socks are lightweight but will keep you warm. DIAMONDOWN™ TECHNOLOGY – Microevaporative Cooling (cool, comfort) and the unique Radiant Barrier (warmth) – maintains twice the natural body heat compared to any other fiber keeping you warm and comfortable outdoors. As Thermal Performance Gear it is great for cold climate wear, maintaining 91% of body heat and 40% of radiant body heat.

Actual Customer Comments: 

“Over the past week these socks have handled 80 degree weather on a motorcycle in Houston, TX, two days of plane and car travel through 32 degree weather, one 60 degree outdoor wedding, packing up my wife and driving the two days back down to the 80 degree weather in Houston only to end the trip unloading in high humidity up three flights of outdoor steps… This new blend is amazingly versatile and comfortable under every situation I have encountered!” DANE LAKIN – WAYPOINT 2 SPACE, NOVEMBER 1, 2013

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