Diamondown™ – A Market Changing Technology 

All Diamondown™ products are made from Carbtex® fiber which was invented and patented by Dr. Frank McCullough. Diamondown™ represents a tremendous leap forward in thermal garments and is setting the new standard for insulated clothing. 

Diamondown™ not only effectively blocks convective heat transfer, but also uniquely blocks radiant heat transfer or 91% of the total body heat loss.  This technology almost doubles the thermal resistance compared to any other polymer or natural product insulation such as Thinsulate™, wool, silk and Under Armour® ColdGear®.    

Diamondown™ garments also offer a comfort management system that allows the body to stay warm in low temperatures while keeping the wearer comfortable as they move into warmer surroundings; it “breathes” and transports moisture away from the body using its superior microevaporative-cooling technology.

Carbtex Technology, Inc. has created a complete line of  Diamondown™ “base layer” products in most sizes including gripper gloves, glove linersunderwearbalaclavas, socks and under blankets, which are in stock and available for sale.

Made in the U.S.A.

All Diamondown™ production, including the manufacture of the Carbtex® fiber, is done in the United States. 

Unique and Exclusive

Carbtex Technology has the exclusive, worldwide rights for all thermal applications for the Carbtex® fiber and Diamondown™. 

A True Leader – R&D 100 Award Winner

2013 R&D 100 Award RecipientDiamondown™ was recognized as one of the top 100 technology products of the year in the 2013 R&D 100 Awards. The R&D 100 awards are called the Oscars of Innovation and are based on a rigorous international competition covering all areas of technology. Wining this award is one more affirmation of the industry changing nature of our fabric technology. 



Technical Comparison of Diamondown™ To Its “Competition”

Recently, thermal resistance insulation measurements (i.e., “clo” values) were taken for the Diamondown™ fabric socks vs. (a) Under Armour® ColdGear® socks and (b) Merino Wool socks.  The results are shown in the table below (measurements taken by Polymer & Fiber Engineering at Auburn University). Learn more about clo measurements here

clo Value
Merino Wool Socks 8 osy N/A 2.0
Under Armour® ColdGear® Socks 8 osy .91 mm 2.18
Diamondown™ Socks 8 osy 1.40 mm 3.63

As can be seen from this table, Diamondown™ socks give almost two times the total insulation of Merino Wool socks due to their radiant barrier performance, and block IR signature.

Other advantages Diamondown™ socks have over Merino Wool socks:

  • Superior washability in “field laundry” operations
  • No shrinkage when drying at elevated temperature
  • Self-drying capability from body heat during use
  • Superior wicking and moisture handling to keep feet dry
  • Non-allergenic, antimicrobial-treated option
  • Equivalent wear properties 

Diamondown™ is simply better. 

In March 2008, the insulation capabilities of Diamondown™ were tested against other, potentially competitive fabrics by the Department of Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design at Kansas State University. The following table presents those results. Diamondown™ was the winner by a long shot in blocking heat loss. 

% Convective
% Radiation
% Total
Diamondown™ 51% 40% 91%
Under Armour®   55% 0% 55%
Theory 59% 40% 99%

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