“…the Houston-based advanced performance materials startup have a fast-growing, runaway success with its Diamondown fabric material, which has special properties to keep people warm in extremely cold temperatures…” Houston Business JournalNovember 2013

“Then I was given several sets of the new Diamondown™ and began to test it under the camo set. 

When I wore the new underwear, this pattern of behavior totally changed as the deer did not seem to see me and would continue walking the trail and get close by me.   

I finally realized that the unique fibers in the garment made a difference to my presence near the deer.” – Professor David M. Hall, PhD, PE, CText FTI, CCol, FSDC – Professor Emeritus, Auburn University

“”When it comes to the cold, having the right gear can make all the difference in the world.  What we liked best about the tops and bottoms is that they weren’t bulky and didn’t hinder movement or make us look like we packed on layers of fat for the winter.  The (Diamondown) gear did a good job of keeping us warm when the wind chill of riding set in and we never felt like we were overheating”. 
Excerpt from BAGGERS TESTED – November 2012 issue of BAGGERS magazine