Don’t let the cold keep you off the road.

Biker Gear - Diamondown


Diamondown™ is thin and lightweight, incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. In addition to wicking moisture away from the body, it blocks both radiant and convective heat transfer, so you’ll maintain a comfortable temperature even on the road.

  • If you are cold, Diamondown™ base layers are the most effective single layer clothing to maintain your body heat.
  • If you feel too warm, it will cool you off, with its microevaporative cooling to move any moisture from the skin.

Our fibers and clothing are completely different from ALL other thermal management gear and have almost twice the insulation of other leading materials, which allows you to stay outdoors longer!

Best benefit of all? Diamondown’s two-layer system replaces the 4-6 layers often when necessary wearing other base layer and outdoor geargiving you an enhanced sense of freedom as you ride down the road.


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