Carbon Fiber Clothing - Diamondown

CTI won a coveted R&D 100 Award in 2013 for Diamondown™


The R&D 100 Award is considered the “Oscar of Innovation” for industrial technology and is based on a rigorous international competition covering all technology areas. The awards are presented by R&D Magazine to recognize and celebrate the 100 most technologically significant products introduced in the past year.


Houston-based Carbtex Technology wins 2013 R&D 100 Award for Diamondown™ high-tech Thermal Clothing


First introduced in early 2012, the patented Diamondown™ garments retain up to 91% of body heat over long periods of exposure and even extreme temperatures.


Houston, TX – Locally-based Carbtex Technology, Inc., has received an R&D 100 Award for Diamondown™, a high-tech carbon-based fiber that is used to produce an affordable comfort management clothing system. The awards are presented by R&D Magazine to recognize and celebrate the 100 most technologically significant products introduced in the past year.


Diamondown™ is made from yarn and fabrics containing Dr. McCullough’s patented Carbtex® Fiber, a flexible bi-regional carbonaceous fiber, used for clothing as well as thermal shield. By blocking conductive and convective heat as well as radiant energy transfer, this innovative system doubles the thermal resistance of any other polymer or natural product insulation. This makes Diamondown™ superior to all other insulated gear on the market and, in fact, the first innovation in comfort management clothing since the 1970s.


“We’re honored to receive such an Award”, said Dr. Frank McCullough who led the development of the fiber technology. “We’re especially proud to have filled the gap between extreme outdoor clothing and lack of comfortableness. We tested the product with hunters, military officers, skiers and the famous Alaskan Iditarod, exposing the gear to temperatures as low as -50 F, high winds, and extreme usage. They were all astonished by its quality, durability and comfort”.


With its 2-layer unique system, Diamondown™ allows no-bulk lightweight comfort and shows effectiveness over wide ranges of temperatures. Its special comfort management technology retains 91% of body heat and prevents accumulation of perspiration using Microevaporative™ cooling, providing breathability and comfort even at room temperature. Some of the testing was done at the Textile Research facility at Auburn University’s Department of Polymer & Fiber Engineering under the direction of Professor David M. Hall, and where Dr. McCullough is also Adjunct Professor.


Tests conducted on the products have shown that Diamondown™ has superior washability, resistance to shrinkage even at elevated temperatures and self-drying capability during usage.

Award Winning Diamondown

In October 2013 CTI won First Place in the prestigious Goradia Innovation Prizes for Diamondown™

Given each year for innovation and fostering the commercialization of emerging technology in the Gulf Coast area, these are awarded to those early stage companies that have commercialized or are very close to commercializing innovative technology within the region, based upon the commercial potential of the innovation, the soundness of the business plan, the potential for job growth within the region and the likelihood of significant long-term success.